Ducky Grand Prix

GPX’s Virtual Ducky Race for Charity!

GPX is proud to create the Ducky Grand Prix to give back to our community. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Children’s Dental Health Clinic ( Let’s join together and give them healthier & brighter smiles! See details below on how you can choose YOUR DUCKY to join the Race!

Featuring: Rubber Ducks with Pit Crew and Race Announcer
Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020
Time: 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
Location: Virtual Live Streaming from Southern California
Event Sponsor: House Automotive : Independent Porsche Service
Event Charity: Children’s Dental Health Clinic
Fundraising Goal: The Goal is to Raise Over $5,000 with the Ducky Event of the Season!

What is the GPX Ducky Grand Prix?

The Ducky Grand Prix is Charity Duck Race with lots of rubber ducks racing in the water to the finish line! The Duckies will compete in qualifying heats based on the number of entries. There will be a live feed of the duckies racing in the water, so you can experience the fun first hand during your COVID quarantine! Our Announcer will be giving us a play by play along with the Pit Crew Helpers. Your Ducky will have multiple ways to win, while giving smiles to kids! RACE one Ducky or many! We have duckies for everyone — from rockstars to Paint-to-Sample!

What Does It Cost to Enter?

$11 and up. Remember it all goes to charity, so be generous! (Any “extra” donations will gratefully be accepted!) Purchase one ducky, multiple duckies or specialty One-of-a-Kind Duckies!

Who Can Participate in the Ducky Grand Prix?

EVERYONE! You DO NOT need to be a member of PCA. Please share the information…and invite your friends! The more duckies the more fun…and bigger smiles raised for Children’s Dental Health Clinic!

Where Do I Adopt a Duck and Enter the Ducky Grand Prix?

How do I sign up and enter the race? ( or contact our fabulous registrar, Suesan Way Carter at


Are There Prizes?

Yes, there will be prizes! Thanks to our generous Sponsor, House Automotive, we will have multiple Winners and fabulous Prizes! A Shout Out to House Automotive (! Due to their donation all of your contributions go directly to Children’s Dental Health Clinic (!

Duck, Duck…GO!

Event Sponsor

House Automotive proudly offers individualized, top-notch service for Porsche vehicles. Treating your vehicle as if it’s our own, House Automotive works diligently yet efficiently to help keep your Porsche in the best possible condition. More information at:

Event Charity

The Children’s Dental Health Clinic is the only hospital-based dental clinic in the Greater Long Beach area in California. They are unique in providing Specialty Care Pediatric Dental Treatment to 10,000 underprivileged children and young adults each year, from birth through age 21. Over 30% of the children they serve have special needs or complex medical considerations, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and Cleft Palate; they are also key to providing dental clearance for children waiting for life-saving treatment, like chemo-therapy. More information at:

What Kind of Ducks are Available?

Basic Duck : One for $11, Two for $20
Basic Ducks
Specialty Duck, Race Car : $15 each
Race Car Ducks
Specialty Duck, Firefighter : $15 each
Firefighter Ducks
Specialty Duck, Space : $15 each
Space Ducks
Specialty Duck, Rock Star : $15 each
Rock Star Ducks
Specialty Duck, Law Enforcement : $15 each
Law Enforcement Ducks
Specialty Duck, Bright Pattern : $15 each
Bright Pattern Ducks
Specialty Duck, Patriotic : $15 each
Patriotic Ducks
Specialty Duck, Monster : $15 each
Monster Ducks
Specialty Duck, Transportation : $15 each
Transportation Ducks
Specialty Duck, Superhero : $15 each
Superhero Ducks
Specialty Duck, Space Warrior : $15 each
Space Warrior Ducks
Specialty Duck, Sports : $15 each
Sports Ducks
Specialty Duck, Safari : $15 each
Safari Ducks
Specialty Duck, Unicorn : $15 each
Unicorn Ducks
Specialty Duck, Zombie : $15 each
Zombie Ducks
Specialty Duck, Luau : $15 each
Luau Ducks
Specialty Duck, Armed Forces : $15 each
Armed Forces Ducks
P.T.S. (Paint to Sample) Ducks : $25 each

You pick your car color, stripes, and race number.
Paint to Sample (P.T.S.) ducks are hand-decorated specifically for YOU by your Grand Prix Region President!
Paint to Sample Ducks

One-of-a-Kind Handcrafted Ducks : $25 each

Select from a group of ducks created by our GPX Artists.

Heritage Collection Ducks : $Market Price each

LIVE AUCTION on the Day of the Race.
You can email for pictures and pre-bids! These are amazing ducky replicas of iconic liveries in motorsport! If you really have to have one…don’t wait for Race Day – use the “BUY IT NOW” feature for $50 (or more if you are feeling generous!) — remember it’s all about giving a child a smile!
Heritage Collection Ducks

Feeling Generous?

For those feeling generous, please donate more than your Duckie adoption to help offset the Clinic’s costs. Your gift is tax deductible!

  • $650 — will help off-set the cost for treatment under IV Sedation for a child who has special needs
  • $300 — provides a child with a Dental Crown to save a tooth
  • $100 — provides a child with a dental check-up, x-rays, and a cleaning
  • $70 — helps a child receive a dental filling and relieves him from dental pain
  • $65 — pays for Periodontal scaling and “gum treatment” to restore a foundation for a healthy mouth
  • $50 — provides school-based Dental Screenings & Education for 5 students
  • $10 — provides coloring books, crayons, worksheets, and dental educational brochures