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The registration road for the 2014 Porsche Parade in Monterey may have been extremely difficult for those who chose to travel it but, if you made it through to the other side and up the hill, I can just about guarantee you that the Parade staff will offer you an event to remember and a venue that will make you smile for a lifetime.
This will be my 9th Parade since I learned how to spell PORSCHE and began playing Porsche ID on the highways and byways of my favorite two nations and, let me tell you, the Parade team hasn’t missed yet. Some Parades are more memorable than others BUT (and this is a big BUT) putting on a Parade in Monterey, California (which doesn’t look
easy) is going to be AMAZING.
“Why Suesan?” you are asking. I’ll tell you. When you first go to Monterey, you might first see it as a small, touristy and
extremely charming little place… And it does have that feel.
However, Monterey is a destination location. The “quiet” season is moderately touristy, but the rest of the year is full tilt boogie. The Monterey Historics (each and every August)
has grown from Historics Weekend to Car Week, and is starting to look like Car Month! Many people book their
rooms years in advance.
Then there was Rennsport Reunion that many of us went to. That was another huge event and, again, Monterey kept us smiling by day with every Porsche imaginable there. And by night we went to the wonderful restaurants and fun places hanging out with Porsche friends. And Monterey accommodated us all and still can.
If you have never been to Monterey you will love it for its quaintness and sheer breathtaking beauty of the rugged, rocky coastline with the magnificent flat topped slanted
cypress trees that reign there. Next door is Carmel, where Clint Eastwood still resides and owns a great little inn and restaurant and sometimes plays piano for the diners. It is a beautiful town with gorgeous shops filled with things of beauty and wonder. But, don’t go too late — Carmel rolls up the sidewalks at 9pm).
And don’t forget the track in them there hills. Laguna Seca is revered by many (cursed, I am sure, by some) and loved
by lots. During the last weekend of Parade, the Golden Gate Region of PCA will host a 2-day Drivers Ed event at this wonderful track. It will be a hot ticket item, and is sure to sell out as soon as registration opens (if you think registering for Parade was tough, just stand back for this one and hold on to your first born).
If you haven’t signed up for Parade because you have heard that the tours are sold out, the hotels are sold out and you probably will not be able to get dinner tickets, hold on to your horses. I can tell you this – registration is still open, meals are available, more tours are being added on as we speak AND, while the “parade hotels” are sold out, there are plenty of other great rooms available right there.
If you have any trouble registering, or need other help or questions answered, give me a call or send an email. I’ll be
glad to help.
Even if you don’t buy meal tickets in advance, you can almost always find tickets for sale (or free) on the Bulletin Board in Parade Hospitality. There are usually Tour tickets also available. Or maybe someone looking for a rally or a
golf partner. It will be the last opportunity for a West Coast Parade for a couple of years, so now is your opportunity!
If you cannot find a tour you can make up your own tours and go for drives with a map or GPS or hang around the
hospitality area….but you have to register for Parade to be part of it all http://www.pca.org/
Or have a look at the Parade website – at http://parade2014.pca.org/
If you need any help contact me please.
Suesan@pobox.comSuesan signature ink Suesan

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