The Circuit Editor Skip Carter

Skip Carter has the unique position of serving as GPX PCA President and Editor, during his tenure. He stands out among GPX members, because of his hard work in making GPX PCA a premier Porsche Club. He is presently serving as our Newsletter Editor and Performance Driving Events Chair.
Skip has been a member of PCA for 21 years. He first joined the San Diego Region in October 1991 and then became a member of GPX in 2003. After joining GPX, because of his knowledge and success as Editor for the San Diego Region (SDR) he immediately took on the task as editor and produced his first newsletter two months after joining.
Skip has won or placed second for most of the years he has been the GPX Newsletter Editor. It takes a lot of work to generate a first Class Newsletter like the Circuit. The Article, Photos with annotation, calendar, Events and Advertisers pages makes this a difficult task, especially for one person.
Skip Carter’s love for this club is evident by his desire to travel long a distance to attend meeting and event. Skips energy seems to be unending. He travels from his home in San Diego County to attend meetings, setup the track for our Driving Events, and setup the club’s easy up for our Concours and other special events.

Skip is the proud owner of a Grey 1964 356SC Cabriolet.

Skip has won the following Awards as a PCA member:

2011 GPX Enthusiasts of the Year GrandPrix region
2007 Z8 Enthusiasts of the Year GrandPrix region

Best PCA News Letter

2001 San Diego Windblown Witness (Skip Carter – Editor)
2000 San Diego Windblown Witness (Skip Carter – Editor)

Place Class Region Newsletter Editor Points Year

1st III Grand Prix The Circuit Skip Carter 565 2013
2nd III Grand Prix The Circuit Skip Carter 590 2012
1st 3 Grand Prix The Circuit Skip Carter 756 2011