The Grand Prix Region of PCA is a diverse and very active region, comprised of members who really love driving and pampering their car(s). The atmosphere at our club is one of fun and admiration for our beloved Porsche.

GPX  monthly meeting start at 9:00am, but members start gathering around 8:am to park and display their car. The members are eager to share their knowledge about their car or share experiences that they have had with their car(s) or other cars they have owned.
GPX provides free coffee, and breakfast is provided for a nominal fee. As an incentive to attend, GPX offers door prizes and 50/50 raffle to attendees. Fifty percent of the raffle goes to our charity, the Children Dental Health Center. Photos are taken of all of the activities at the meeting and many of the photos are shown on the website and in the Club’s newsletter, The Circuit.

We are a charitable organization, giving substantial sums to our charity, the Children Dental Health Center in Long Beach, the home city of our club.

Most of our members live outside of the club’s boundaries. A few of them travel more than 50 miles to attend our monthly meeting and other activities. They do so because of the inclusiveness they feel, belonging to the Grand Prix Region. GPX makes it a point to greet all visitors to our meeting. We photograph them with their car and gather information so that we can send photos taken and email a copy of our Circuit Newsletter. We treat all visitors as prospective members whether they own a Porsche or not. Our hope is that after their positive experience with us, they will consider becoming a member.